A Cursor-y Attempt

Neill Robson's Ludum Dare 35 submission

This game is all about using cursors (those small red highlights on the grid lines) to shift blocks of color into a meaningful orientation. Cursors are controlled with the arrow keys. When a cursor moves over a color block, it will send the block to the other side of a receiving cursor in another grid. If you are capable of maneuvering every block in the top-left grid onto the proper highlighted squares on the bottom right, you win!

This Ludum Dare competition is the first that I've ever participated in. I made many, many mistakes, including making the choice of using Javascript. Having never designed a game before in the language, I spent far too much of my time learning all of the nuances and idiosyncracies of Javascript's design patterns when I could have chosen a much more comfortable environment such as Java. Even so, the thrill of actually completing a game, from mental conception to final product, in 48 hours has been an exhilarating and empowering experience, and one that I hope to take advantage of again in the future!

For those interested in the technologies used, the entire game was designed in pure ES6 Javascript using no external assets (I never had the time to make any). The full source code is available on Github for your perusing convenience!