Hello, my name is

Neill Robson

I am an undergraduate student at NC State University studying computer science. I am passionate about improving communication and self-expression using technology.
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Skills Overview

Aside from making bullet lists, I have a few tricks up my sleeve...

Web Development

  • PHP
  • Magento 2
  • TypeScript
  • Jekyll
  • WebGL

Data Analysis

  • SQL
  • R
  • J
  • Java
  • Haxe
  • C/C++

Soft Skills

  • Public Speaking
  • Documentation
  • Teaching
  • Development Operations

Where I've Been

Latest Blog Posts

Book Review: The Circle, by Dave Eggers

For the first time I can remember in a long while, I did not have the endurance to make it through a book. The Circle was patronizing, immature, and (as others have already mentioned) offered nothing new to the conversation.

The Infamous Liebster Award

As an encouragement to continue sharing my thoughts and experiences online, a person near and dear to my heart nominated me for the Liebster Award.

Access vs. Ownership

Recently I came across advertising online for a new co-living experiment taking place in Los Angeles. The name of the startup is PodShare. Essentially, the goal is to provide customers with location-independent access to a minimal set of resources necessary to live and work effectively in an urban environment.

The Tea

When in China, drink like the Chinese drink. That’s the goal, and the beverage of choice over here is, as you probably know, tea.

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